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Chinese Chicken Recipes

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Chinese Chicken Recipes

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Chinese chicken recipes are the most popular dishes at Chinese restaurants because chicken is almost a universal food item. Almost every culture in the world consumes chicken at their dinner table.

Therefore it is also the first food item that people try when eating cuisines from a different culture. Think about the first time you tried a dish from another culture. Indian food. Tandori chicken? Butter chicken? Mexican food. Buffalo wings?

Basically the list goes on and on and you get the idea. Chickens are easily accepted by our palates because chicken recipes are present in most cultures already. So if you’re thinking of going to try out a Chinese dish? Try Chinese chicken recipes.

And the beauty of choosing Chinese chicken recipes? They are so varied that you can take your time to choose one that is at a skill level suitable for you, and also a flavor that will go down well with your guests.

Typical Chinese chicken recipes involve grilling, frying, steaming, roasting, just to name a few, but besides the different types of cooking methods, a large portion of Chinese chicken recipes lies in the preparation.

From how you choose your chicken, to how you cut them, even store them or how you season them, Chinese chicken recipes can be very particular about all these. Don’t think that choosing a chicken is all about getting a fresh chicken. Chinese chicken recipes not only has requirement on the quality of the ingredient, but also the type of chicken.

Yes! In fact, Chinese chicken recipes are not only concerned with what type of chicken you are using, they consider chickens of different ages as different ingredients and different chicken parts are also considered separately too.

Considering how long the history of Chinese cuisine is, it’s understandable that its recipes become more elaborate and meticulous, and this is all the more evident in commonly used ingredients and recipes like chicken recipes. As each generation of chefs and home makers alike strive to breathe new life into a traditional recipe, more and more variants of the recipes appear and sometimes new styles of dishes go to become widely popular, forming a new niche of their own.

Read more for some common Chinese chicken recipes and how to make them.


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